Thursday, August 12, 2010


Kind of the real money, but more like the real rad funtimes. $3 sixpacks of tall cans and forties make for a blurry fun time, The Very Knees and The Dreadful Yawns make up our show experience in Cleveland/Lakewood. Dancing til the early morn, and next day record shopping - i get a tattoo to pass the time since i have neither record player nor home for that matter....I do love my mom.

So then its off to Toledo, back to that good ole strange city, where last year we crashed in the backyard of a few suburban teenagers on acid who tried to build a bonfire with lighter fluid.....this year maybe more tame. Chillin in a dirty dirty park before the show, watching buffy the vampire slayer the movie, at the bar. yup. Played outside with a one-man loop show, and a fantastic noise band....ah toledo. Then a sweaty drive to Chicago...and now we're going to the beach. Maybe some busking, a little bumming around, chinatown...who knows we could get wild out here.

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