Monday, June 29, 2009

Golden Creams and Frosty Delights!

Morning after a questionable brush with authority in a Pittsburgh cemetery last night (questionable in the sense that we may have imagined it). hmmm. So a Chicago show from which we got paid twice by an expensive sports bar, sped away happily, to find ourselves in Toledo, land of the very few grocery stores, and youngsters making fires with lighter fluid and motor oil, camped in their backyard after a show with the amazing Mr. Gnome. Hooray for LSD and SUV's!! After a premature arrival in Cincinnati, we camp out on the sidewalk of "the worst neighbourhood in America". Debatable, but its nomination for this title is undeniable. After a long discussion with the fire department, Bunk ArtSpace is temporarily moved outside and we get to play on an outdoor backlot platform (earlier home to daydreams)! A disappointingly short set leaves us a little bummed, but the night picks up when a new friend takes us to the warehouse he lives in and shows us around the huge reclaimed (they pay rent though) space used as a workshop space for a future bike co-op, carpentry, general mayhem, and housing a tunnel in its gigantic basement! After a trip to the raddest dumpsters i have ever combed over, we sleep.
The drive to pittsburgh is hot, but not as unbearable as the past few. Kinda sketchy directions take us to Friendship street! Oh yeah- FRIENDSHIP! Hippy tour continues... or not... we play a basement house party to the coolest cats in cooltown, drink numerous PBR's and begin our quest for true Yinzers! That quest is abandoned in the face of deserted steel mills and giant smokestacks. Some of us are more adventurous than others (no names will be named) but it's all AMAZING! Maybe another exclamation point is needed- ! and another !! But did our fearless heroes stop there? No! Off to the graveyard for more late night urban exploration among the giant mausoleums and big breasted sphinxes of middle american big-wigs. Surrounded by fireflies, super stealth ninja cops (invisible, silent ones, no less!) chase us off of the property to continue our discussions of the true origins of crop circles. No stone unturned!
*Ring*Ring* oh that must be the president, calling for his private show... Until the next episode...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sexy Shower pictures as of June 22 (!)

t.o. streetmeat
detroit, trumbellplex

Swamp Sex Robots are Yankee Doodle Dandies on the Sexy Shower Tour!!!

Here we are in the windy city, but the gusts just don't blow (as in it's real facking hot) Update to this point...
Wednesday, June 17th. Toronto. Rancho Relaxo. Kinda mega shit-tastic: bands who were, let's say, not our style, suburban crowd who didn't give a shit about shit and a broken kick-drum skin that threatened to cause a fisticuffs. Short set, pissed off but our costumes looked real swell...
Hangin in the T-dot, eatin street meat and any other cheap eatables. NxNE: King Khan and BBQ Show, Black Lips, Health- super dope n' delicious. If only we were a real band and had wrist bands and free beer, all would have been plush and diamonds.
Saturday, June 20th. Loaded up our (not so) trusty van so as to best conceal our bandliness. Drive through rain/crazy heat/suburban strip malls. Get to the Ambassador bridge (this side of freedom land, 'sayin) chat up the border guard, our water tight cover story seemingly covering all our water. But oh no- orange flag= van search, nut-rub-pad-down. Somehow a fake Yankee 20 dollar bill is revealed. 3 hours go by as us and every ethnic minority are hassled and fondled before the oh so 'nice' secret service hipster tells us we can go (finally we can put our hands in our pockets!!) Get back in our now worse for wear van (that shit is BROKE!) thanks to the ruff treatment at the hands of the the macho men and head off in search of freedom. Navigate the choked mega urban autoroutes of the Detroit-mega-opolis before space docking at the ultra modern Trumbelplex... scrap that. Drive the empty 6 lane freeways of the now ghost town Detroit donut-city to find the Trumbel victorian mansion turned hippie punk heaven complete with home made stage and 18 chickens (well, Dreeko counted only 15, but that's a whole 'nother story) Decompress from our border finger bang with some sweet ass BBQ and none-stop keg beer. Amazing folks abound, Mint Juleps flow like wine, Burlesque wunder-kind Rita Riggs stops our hearts, or at least our minds, costumes are sweated into the carpet and punk is pitted against funk in the battle of the ages (I'd say funk rules the day- you cannot fuck with Rick James!) And yes pants were dropped for cold hard American cash. We love you Trumbelplex!!!
Off to Chicago. En route: 5 dollars worth of free fucking fireworks on the side of the freeway! Freedom Now!!!
Chicago: Birthplace of the skyscraper, home of Trumptower number Ivanka, so fresh and so clean. Our minds explode and spit themselves all over the wall after the desiccated husk of Motown. The air is full of the cries and whispers of people who exist and live in the city. Not a chicken or a goat or a horse or an empty lot is to be seen. Glass and steel abound and squish our starcrossed heroes beneath their Frank Gehry designed boots. Will they survive the affluence attack? Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion (or at least a continuation)....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gettin Rady for the Tooor

All us kids are getting ready for our next USA tour. Thanks everyone who helped put it together. Here's the facebook link....

We'll try to update it as more dates and places come in. We'll also be posting the tour poster right away.