Monday, August 9, 2010

Crush Canada Tour, or Sexy Support Staff Tour, or some other funny name Tour...

On the road again... Day one: Sudbury. Our home away from home. Ehh, not really but we really fucking like it there. Back in the ol' Millard's garage, kids rockin out, water flowing like water (high school kids in parents garage= no booze!) and veggie burgers on the grill- no problem! Sadly we were a little on the late side (arriving at 7:30!) so we missed some of our bosom buddies' bands, but Magic Pelvis and the Birthday Cakes were oh so delicious. A few hiccups on our part (it's the first show for crying out loud) but all was nice and good.
Day two: Early morning Value Village shenanigans (B52's and Annie Lenox!) lead to the long road down to Toronto town. We arrive too early (it's always one or the other, eh?) and don't notice there's a doorbell so it's a few hours of park chillin'. Finally get into the former Soviet hotbed Silver Dollar to find ourselves in the midst of an all out punk rawk show. The Power Hour peeps are polite, but our brightly coloured one-zies, afro wigs and faux fur are a little out of place. Oh yeah, and our amp crapps out. And then we get drunk. And then I sleep in the van... Toronto!!!
Day three: Wake up to the sights and sounds of garbage trucks (it's always garbage day in the big city) and find out from the magic internet machine that we were supposed to play in Detroit the night before! Aaaahhhh! As Trumbleplex slips through our fingers we rehearse our border story- but no matter. We're as good as terrorists and get another two hour border hold up. No pad downs this time, and "the guys with the van, in the band" do get across ("We're not really a BAND, we're just a group of friends that play music together, y'know?") Trumble none-the-less opens it's Victorian doors to us, and even finds us a show at a bar with the biggest back yard I ever did see. Small crowd, but great DJ's, our costumes are a hit.
Day four: Straight chillin. We hang out with the 'Plexers, buy some eats, sit on the stoop, go swimming, make a huge meal, get many tours (accidental and intentional), sit on the stoop, chat it up and sit on the stoop. Good times! Now it's off to Ohio, where the real money's at....

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