Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pretty Much Everywhere It's Gonna Be Hot... Except Toronto/Homeward Bound!

Thus ends the Sexy Shower Tour, which could perhaps be better described as the Bestial Golden Shower Tour (for the amazingly large number of encounters with cat pee we've experienced)
To sum up:
New York, New York- city so nice, they named it twice... we also decided to play twice, to, you know, drum up support. Alas, Manhattan was as unforgiving as Brooklyn and again we played to a ghost audience. The other band was amazing though, and good, drunk and good and drunk friends were in attendance. Exeunt the big city, but not before a ride on the super sweet and oh so free Staten Island ferry! Yay!
Bean town ho! And a return to the pillowy, welcoming arms of Queereoke. This time there were people there! Goodness, a real show, who would've believed it? Not too shabby for our last American date, I must say. As we drove into the sunset approaching our home on Native land, we thought for a second that we might miss the land of the free (guns) and brave (flagwavers)- or at least we'd miss the cheap liquor and cigarettes. Lucky for us there's an all night duty free shop!
And then there was the border. We're Canadian citizens, no problem, right? What the F? They searched us again! Do we really look that sketchy? Ok our van's a peace of shit, we're dirty, unshaven and have no jobs or prospects, but we're not terrorists, or at least not THAT type of terrorists (and why the fuck is it such a concern whether we received any gifts, huh? Maybe somebody, somewhere likes us. Ever think of that? Well, I guess they don't 'cause we didn't get any gifts, but that's beside the point). Goddamn, it ain't fair! We did get across (into our own facking country!) but jesus murphy... they liked our masks though.
Back in the T-Dot for one last kick at the can. This time a loft party proves to be our saviour. No annoying asshole bands, people inside, dancing and singing along (ok, it was just one girl, but she was damn cute, so it counts for, like, four people, right?) Good times. Who ever said that Toronto sucks? Err, maybe it was us, but we kinda take it back. For now.
And that's about it. Tomorrow we're back in poutine land, drowning our sorrows in cheese curds and maple syrup. At least that's the plan. Did I mention our van's a piece of shit? It's developed a few new bumps and grinds, so tomorrow should be an adventure... yeah hitch-hiking!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Big Taters and Hot Nuts!

Oh, so much to tell! hmm. After adventures in st. pitty'sburgh, we venture to D.C., wandering around the original "mall" on E street and 7th; space-aerial explorations with tycho brahe and his armillary sphere, oh the universe! Dark matter! A history written in bone bone bone, and cold stella's and ganja at Simone's dad's. Then we find ourselves back at the scene of last year's second show, dear Kansas House, in arlington VA, where we attempt to blow minds again, with mild success, lots of fun, and $2 forties. Luckily the deluge doesn't stop everyone from coming, including some folks who saw us last year! Wow! Next up is Baltimore whose free library nurses genius giant chess games in its lobby. A dream come true! After a show at the H&H building, with Pocket Lollipops, projections, country club pool break-ins and cold sake, we spend a special afternoon at Edgar's grave with fried lake trout, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and sweet sweet potatoes. The evening is made up of pop-punk, us, and glittery obi-wan-kenobi scream-noise rockers (soo good) at the Cider Haus, home of abiku. Dear natty bo, we love you.
A few traffic jams later, we're in Philadelphia, the original home of freedom (a.k.a. Philly cheese steaks) back at our man Sam's new crib. Mini fridge full of forties! Some of us indulge more than others, some indulge ALOT more than others, but nonetheless cat-pee costumes are overcome to actually make Philadelphians dance. Who knew it could be done?!? The next day brings new adventures in the form of table diving (What Recession?) before braving the creepily deserted freeway to NYC. We were invited to play on the big boat off the Jersey shore (you know, with fireworks and Jewel, and West Side Story...), but instead we decided to play for no money to no audience and douche-bag staff. Tough call, but we think we made the right decision... There were some sweet fireworks, though. Or maybe I'm mistaking fireworks for burning buildings and gunshots. Not sure. Next day Sunday beach-bumming, to Little Odessa edibles, to Gin and Juice patio party, to Fulton Mall shopping spree/MOMA art farts to happy happy joy joy! Ahh the big city.
And then we take Manhattan...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Adventures! More stories to come....

Oh! Poe!

Baltimore in a nutshell


Pittsburgh Bourgeoisie graves